Youth Counselling Service

Who we are

We are a TUSLA funded counselling service. We are a unique service in the country and we are a trusted and local service. We are professional Counsellors and Psychologists who work alongside our other In Sync services. We counsel 11 to 25 year olds who live or are in school/college/work in County Kildare.

We offer in person and Telecommunication counselling support. We can provide shorter or longer term counselling options to young people and their guardians, depending on assessed needs.

We offer parental support through volunteer and training professionals. We are supportive, informative and work with a wide variety of young people and families across the county. We work with other support services in the county for the best outcomes for young people and their families.

What we do

  • In person and Telecommunication counselling
  • Assessment and intervention
  • One to one counselling for young people aged 11-25 in Kildare
  • Group Counselling supports for young people
  • Counselling support for parents
  • Parenting Courses
  • Mental Health Workshops
  • Advocacy and representation

What we offer

  • Confidential therapeutic relationships
  • Input into Education, Living, Welfare and Health Issues
  • Specialisms in Bereavement and traumatic loss
  • Creative approaches to change
  • Family support